Our Aftermarket Intelligence Solutions

Connecting Physical & Digital World
For Better Customer Experience & Disruptive Business Models


Enable new revenue streams – Stop service revenue leak – Give competitive advantage

Enable predictive instead of scheduled services & maintenance

Enable optimum spare parts inventory management to reduce your OPEX

Superior NPI on improved understanding
of product usage behaviour

Our Smart & Connected Operations Solutions

Product Definition & Standardization

Product Lifecycle Management, Knowledge Based Engineering

Product Validation & Testing Automation

Instrumentation & Controls for Product Test Bed Automation

Smart Logistics

Factory Transportation – Location | Fuel | Geo-fence | Alerts

Asset Track & Trace

Inventory | Material Flow | Power/Electric Tools

Plant Utility Management

Water | Electric | Thermal | O&G | Air

Digital Maintenance System

Autonomous | Preventive | Predictive

IT-OT Integration


Social Manufacturing

Crowd Sourcing | Gamification | Community

Our Digital Transformation Consulting Services


Helping organizations to transform products, processes, and business digitally with disruptive innovations and business models through our end-to-end digital transformation journey approach.

  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Business Model Transformation Workshops
  • Connected Factory Assessment
  • Aftermarket Intelligence Assessment
  • Enterprise IIoT Architecture Services
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