Manufacturing Performance Index (MPI)

MPI = Actual annual production / Maximum annual production

4 major sources of value contributes to MPI

  1. Reduction in unit cost of production
  2. Material cost reduction
  3. Labour and overhead cost optimization
  4. Avoidance of planned capital investment apportioned for capacity increase

How to Start, Define, Acquire, Analyze, Insight & Take Action on MPI Outcomes ?

The Solution



Industrial IoT /

Industry 4.0

but 8 typical reasons for not starting / continuing your digitization initiative

  1. Slow adaption, not aware how to start
  2. Skills gap & workforce transformation
  3. Not comprehensive only point solution
  4. Upfront cost
  5. Not scalable
  6. Digitization maintenance
  7. Data accuracy
  8. Cyber security


A SaaS based digital manufacturing platform

Explore the impact of change in manufacturing performance index for data-driven decision making

Increase production visibility and improve planning efficiency through real-time OEE monitoring

Optimize energy utilization through connected plant utility management (Water, Electricity, Thermal)

Predict breakdowns and reduce inventory through digital autonomous maintenance

Easy Factory Machine Integration


With byteFACTORY, in few minutes start connecting your networked factory machines include major CNC control systems like FANUC, Siemens,special purpose machines and PLC systems and collect data for digital processes for factory insights.

byteFACTORY supports standard IIoT Gateways and it can be purchased from Maxbyte for a plug-in play secure installation. byteFACTORY is a cloud application so there are no servers to manage and no applications to update. All that is required is available internet that networked to factory machines.

Choose your plan

Pay As You Reap Values


A scalable and secure cloud application which requires no IT support, minimal on-site hardware, free upgrades and support. Billed monthly with a credit card or debit card or invoiced yearly with a purchase order. You may cancel at any time.  Available in three variants:

  • Foundation
      • Machine data collection from CNC or PLC machines
      • Real-time production OEE monitoring
      • Downtime reason tracking and pareto charts
      • Part rejection reason tracking and pareto charts
      • Track job orders and their status
      • Event timeline and activity stream
      • Detailed production reports and trends
      • Email notifications during abnormalities in production
      • Export all data to Excel for custom reporting

Value plan
  • Connected Factory
      • All foundation features
      • Digital autonomous maintenance system
      • Factory department wise abnormality distribution
      • Deferred maintenance distribution
      • Owner based and Repeated maintenance abnormalities distribution
      • Maintenance abnormality ticketing system
      • Periodical reports and notifications
      • Rewards points on outcomes for operators

  • Lean Factory
      • All connected factory features
      • Utility – Water system performance real-time monitoring
      • Utility – Thermal system performance real-time monitoring
      • Utility – Electrical system performance real-time monitoring
      • Production and utility equipment condition monitoring & predictive Analytics
      • Manufacturing performance index analytics
      • Auto reports, email alerts & mobile alerts
      • Factory community

* Installation and training charges are separate which will be provided in quote. Discount on scale is available.